Market Research for Retaining Consulting Engineers in the Industry

The Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong2020-2021

The main objectives of the market research are to gain an understanding of the core reasons for engineers who wants to leave the consulting engineering industry and identify any actions or key area for improvement for their consideration to stay in the industry.

Study on the Effectiveness of ERB Training Courses and Services (2017-18)

Employees Retraining Board2017-2018

The study aims to review and evaluate the course content and effectiveness of the training courses organized by the Employees Retraining Board through telephone survey.

Consultancy Study on Drawing Up a Talent List

Labour and Welfare Bureau2016-2018

The aim of the Study was to study the feasibility of drawing up a talent list to attract high-skilled talent to support Hong Kong's development towards a diversified and high value-added economy.

Study of the Impact of Statutory Minimum Wage on Pay Hierarchies in Selected Sectors

Labour Department, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2011-2012

The survey aimed to study the impact of the statutory minimum wage on businesses in the restaurant and retail sectors

Survey on the Living Situation of Working Poor Families before and after the implementation of the Minimum Wage Ordinance

Oxfam Hong Kong2011

The survey aimed to collect the information related to living situation of working poor families before and after the implementation of the Minimum Wage Ordinance.

Study on the Manpower Situation and Needs of the Arts and Cultural Sector in Hong Kong

Central Policy Unit, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2010

The survey is aimed to stock-take the manpower situation and needs of the arts and cultural sector in Hong Kong.