Consultancy for the Enhanced Water Quality Monitoring Programme

Water Supplies Department (WSD)2021

WSD intended to enhance its water quality monitoring programme by taking random samples at consumers’ taps over the 18 District Council Districts.

Evaluation of the Trial Uses of Electric Mobility Devices in Hong Kong

Mott MacDonald Hong Kong Ltd.2021

Assess the public acceptance of permitting motorised PMDs and PAPCs on cycle tracks.

Consultancy for Economic Impact Assessment

The Cyberport 2020-2021

To assess the effects on the level of economic activity in Cyberport.

Feasibility Study on Enhancing Walkability in Hong Kong

Mott Macdonald HK2020

A questionnaire survey to solicit views from public and to evaluate the effectiveness of the wayfinding trial in Hong Kong.

Survey on Hong Kong's Electronic Health Record Sharing System

City University of Hong Kong2020

Provision of household survey services to collect views of 400 respondents aged 45 – 70 on Hong Kong’s electronic health record sharing system (eHRSS).

Review on Public Consultation Report on Supply of Recycled Water in Hong Kong

Water Supplies Department2019

This review aims to examine and review the draft consultation report, including the concept, methodology, inputs and outputs of the analysis of views collected throughout the public consultation exercise, interpretation of the results of concerned analysis and content of the draft consultation report, etc.

The Second Hong Kong Population-based Food Consumption Survey

Centre for food safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department2017-2020

This survey aims to collect food consumption survey data of Hong Kong residents so as to find out if the public is exposed to any dietary risks from hazards such as contaminants and food additives, and also to understand the level of the risk and which population groups may be most at risk.

“Doing Good” Survey

University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Sciences2017-2018

The survey is aimed to find out Hong Kong citizens’ attitudes and behaviours related to giving, volunteering and civic awareness, and also to investigate their general perception towards different ethnic groups.

Research on democracy and livelihood in Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong Centre for Comparative and Public Law Faculty of Law2017-2018

The objective of the survey is to investigate the general perceptions of the public towards democracy and livelihood matters, understand the issues prioritized by Hong Kong people, and explore the relationships that people envision between democracy, livelihood and governance going forward in Hong Kong.

Study on Market of Supplementary Services for Studying Post-secondary Education Outside Hong Kong

Consumer Council2017

The aims of this study are to study the consumer experience of using agency services of overseas post-secondary education, and to find out any difficulties on or complaints about these services.

Happiness Index Survey 2017

Housing Society2017

The study aims to collect the views from the tenants towards the community and services provided and their self-accessed happiness, and thus to understand their perception of happiness, and explore the issues and activities influenced.

Domestic Water Consumption Study 2016

Water Supplies Department2016-2018

The survey objectives are to collect information on the water consumption habit of domestic households in Hong Kong, obtain the domestic water consumption patterns including the inter-use time preceding potable use, and collect water samples at a kitchen faucet.

Domestic Water Consumption Study 2015

Water Supplies Department & Black & Veatch (Hong Kong)2015-2016

The study is to collect information regarding the water consumption patterns of the domestic consumers, gauge the public’s awareness of and response to water conservation education and promotion activities as well as the use of water saving devices, and to investigate the different domestic and socio-economical factors affecting the abovementioned items.

Evaluation Study on Incentive Scheme to further encourage Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients of the Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-reliance to secure Employment

Social Welfare Department & Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work2014-2018

This four-year panel multi-waves evaluation study aims at assessing the effectiveness of the three-year pilot Incentive Scheme which is to further encourage Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Recipients of the Integrated Employment Assistance Programme for Self-reliance (IEAPS) to secure Employment (the Incentive Scheme) funded by the Community Care Fund.

A Brand Audit for the Independent Commission Against Corruption

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)2013-2014

The study aimed to discover and assess the brand positioning of ICAC as compared to other public organisations; and discover and assess the brand awareness, image (including personality and emotional connection) and loyalty of ICAC brand among different gender, age and socio-economic groups.

Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology2013-2014

The study is aimed to track social and economic changes in Hong Kong and their impact on individuals.

Health Protection Scheme Consumer Survey

Food and Health Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2013-2014

The survey aimed to assess the views on the health protection scheme.

Research on Food Surplus Handling and Food Donation Behaviour of Food Companies in Hong Kong

Oxfam Hong Kong2013

The survey is to explore the food surplus handling and food donation behavior of chain retailers and food companies in Hong Kong.

Consultancy Study on Demand for Cinemas in Hong Kong

Film Services Office of Create Hong Kong2013

The survey is aimed to analyse from a socio-economic perspective why there has been a drop in the supply of cinemas in the past decade.

Hong Kong Citizenship Survey, 2012

Department of Politics and Public Administration, The University of Hong Kong2012-2014

The survey aimed to assess the volunteering behaviour and political participations of Hong Kong residents.

Chinese Women’s Experience of Partner Stalking and Its Mental Health Impact

School of Nursing, LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong2012-2014

The survey aims to explore the women’s experience of partner staking and their mental health impact.

Asian Barometer Survey Wave III Hong Kong

Department of Politics and Public Administration, The University of Hong Kong2012-2013

The survey taps the political attitudes of Hong Kong people on various political dimensions, including democracy, traditional values, alternative political forms, other value questions, and how they evaluate the political and economic performance of the current regime.

Online Social Network Survey

Department of Mass Media, City University of Hong Kong2012-2013

The survey aimed to collect information of online social network.

Public Opinion on the Sharing of Negative Credit Data of Student Defaulters under the Non-Means-Tested Loan Scheme

Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong2012

The study aimed to examine whether the proposed sharing of negative credit data would be appropriate and accepted by the general public and stakeholders.

Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area Planning and Engineering Study - Investigation Scope of Services for Stage 1 - Public Forum

AECOM Asia Company Limited2012

Consultation services include focus group, discussion forums, and necessary supports for conducting the public forum.

Study on New Arrivals from the Mainland China

Central Policy Unit, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2012

This is a two-phase longitudinal study covering more than 10,000 respondents, with the objectives of gaining better understanding of the nature and process of the social, economic, educational, political, and cultural integration of new arrivals from the Mainland into the Hong Kong community.

Study on Digital Inclusiveness in Hong Kong 2011

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer ("OGCIO"), the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2011-2012

The purpose of the study is to enable the Government to gain better knowledge on the digital inclusiveness of ICT development in Hong Kong, in particular for the disadvantaged groups.

Customer Satisfaction Survey on Licensing Services Provided by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Efficiency Unit, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2010-2011

The purpose of the survey was to determine the satisfaction level of customers who applied for the food-related licenses through Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

What do Women and Men in Hong Kong think about Status of Women at Home, Work and in Social Environments

Women’s Commission2009-2012

The survey is to collect views of the general public on women’s status at work, at home and in social environment.

Second Baseline Study on Public Attitudes towards People with a Disability

Equal Opportunities Commission2009-2011

The survey is to collect views of the general public towards people with a disability.

Customer Satisfaction Survey of 1823 Call Centre

Efficiency Unit, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2009-2011

The survey collected views from members of the public who have made use of the Integrated Call Centre in lodging complaints to determine their levels of satisfaction and views on the services provided.