Apart from providing evidence-based research services to the community, Policy 21 has also over the past 20 years provided training and employment services to students, out-of-school youth, housewives and other job seekers looking for part-time work. In 2020, Policy 21 has attempted to employ the ethnic minority, visually impaired and handicapped candidates to work as part time back office enumerators and research interns.

Training is provided to these part-time staff on the use of computer/tablets, interviewing skills, data analysis and research techniques. They are deployed to perform a variety of research work, including conducting interviews, data editing, data processing and the preparation of research reports.

It is believed that these training and employment opportunities will help enhance inter-personal and intra-personal skills including communication skills and self-confidence, especially for students and out-of-school youth.

Over the past 20 years, Policy 21 has provided training and employment services to more than 5,500 job seekers.