Learning and Evaluation of the InnoPower Programme

The Hong Kong Jockey Club2020-2025

The Study aims to better understand the programme impact and advise programme design for future cohorts. It aims to cover detailed evaluation of two cohorts of fellows, with programme activities spanning across three years.

Evaluation of School-Company-Parent (SCP) Program - Jockey Club InnoMind

Young Entrepreneurs Development Council2020-2021

This research aims at evaluating the YDC InnoMind Program (YDC-MWLP) for secondary students, with an aim to identify and evaluate the level of understanding in life and career planning among students who have joined the Program and their support network.

Provision of Services for Study on the Provision of International School Places in Primary and Secondary Levels in Hong Kong

Education Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2020 – 2022

The study tried to identify the current provision of International School Places at the primary and secondary levels in Hong Kong in the current school year

Learning without Class” – Turning Crisis to Opportunities - An Exploratory Study

Hong Kong Ideas Centre2020

The Study is a fact-finding study which aims at gathering information on how schools and students optimise the use of different modes of learning, including e-learning, to maintain students’ motivation and interest in learning.

Impact Study on the Implementation of the New Phase of the School Development and Accountability (SDA) Framework for Enhancing School Improvement in Hong Kong

Education Bureau2018- 2020

The Study aims to provide an independent and external review on the new phase of the SDA framework implemented since the 2015/16 school year

Survey on Stakeholders’ Views on the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Sector

Education Bureau 2018

The Survey aimed to collect views of stakeholders regarding the development of the self-financing post-secondary education sector, and their opinions on the review of the sector.

Revamping Programme Performance Measurement Strategies

LEAP (Life Education Activities Programme) 2017-2019

This study aims to revamp the existing performance measurement strategies, through reviewing and analyzing LEAP’s current primary programme and information, so as to develop a new cost-effective evaluation tools and methods to assess the impact of the programme at a manageable scale.

Study on the Preferences of Non-Chinese Speaking Students on the Public Examinations

Oxfam Hong Kong2017-2019

The study aims to review the choices of public examinations of non-Chinese speaking students, including identifying factors affecting their decision, finding out difficulties encountered of NCS students, exploring prospects of NCS students.

Consultancy Study on the Effectiveness of the Pilot Scheme on Promoting Interflows between Sister Schools in Hong Kong and the Mainland

Education Bureau2017-2018

The Study aimed to review the effectiveness of the Pilot Scheme on promoting interflows between sister schools in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

School survey on issues related to enhancing Chinese learning and teaching for non-Chinese speaking students

Oxfam Hong Kong 2017-2018

This school survey aims to explore how the schools could provide Chinese learning supports to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students in school year, and their challenges and difficulties encountered.

Focus Group Study on the Stakeholders’ Perception of University Governance at EdUHK

Education University of Hong Kong2017-2018

The aim of the focus group study was to collect the views, comments and suggestions on university governance from key stakeholders of The Education University of Hong Kong.

Language Landscape Studies for Hong Kong – Gap Analysis Study

Education Bureau2017-2018

The Study aimed to examine the perceived language gaps between the competencies of employees aged 20-29 and the level of language competencies expected by employers for their employees.

Survey on the experience of the graduates of post-secondary studies under the New Academic Structure

Education Bureau2017-2018

The Survey assessed the outcomes in post-secondary education with completion of the first two New Academic Structure (NAS) cycles in order to form part of the data contributing to the review of the NAS.

Consultancy Study on Communication between Schools and Parents

Education Bureau2017-2018

The Study aimed to review the current position of communication between schools and parents as well as to identify measures and factors for fostering a stronger link between parents and schools in Hong Kong.

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019

Education Bureau2017- 2022

TIMSS is an important educational research project on Grade 4 (Primary 4 in Hong Kong) and Grade 8 (Secondary 2 in Hong Kong) student performances in mathematics and science around the world. It is administered by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) and is designed to measure and interpret differences in national educational systems.

Present Provision of Consultancy Services for the Reviews of the Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

Labour and Welfare Bureau2016-2017

The objective of the consultancy services was to review the scope, operation and coverage of the CEF scheme.

Household Survey on the Education Characteristics and Occupation Profiles of Hong Kong Residents

Labour and Welfare Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2013-2014

The survey is aimed to collect information and data from Hong Kong residents on their current education, occupation profiles, intention of pursing continuing education and place of study.

An Evaluation Study on the Implementation of the Personal, Social and Humanities Education Curriculum in Hong Kong Secondary Schools

Education Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2011-2012

The study aimed to evaluate the implementation status of the Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE) and subject curricula at secondary level (S1-5), and to examine the interface between the curricula at P6 and S1 as well as S3 and S4 levels.

Provision of Services for Community Studies on Public Perception towards Vocational Training Council

Vocational Training Council2011

The purpose of the survey was to gauge the community’s perception towards VTC, in particular school teachers, parents and students.

Study on How Parents Guide and Supervise Children’s Use of the Internet

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2009-2010

The survey is aimed to collect views of the parents on internet education.

Research on Internet Education

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR2009-2010

The survey is to collect views of the children on internet education.